10 Lessons in Customer Service Businesses Should Know

No matter how big (or small) your businesses is, your customer service (CS) branch represents one of the most important aspects of your company. For many consumers, customer service serves as both their direct link to the company, as well as their person-to-person connection to it. So, suffice to say, you should always make sure your customer service agent/agents is/are working like a well-oiled machine—but that’s not always the case.

In fact, even a slight slip up in customer service quality can cost your business thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, down the road. And as your revenues plummet, so will your brand’s trustworthiness and good public recognition.

Want to avoid such missteps and later undoings? Here are ten lessons in customer service businesses should know—and put into action.


1. Be Patient

Just like any relationship, be it in the office our at the home, patience is key. And good customer service is no different.

Even when a consumer might obviously be in the wrong, hear them out; give them the time to voice (or type) their opinion. This not only shows that you’re listening, but you care about their input as well. Give your customers the time they deserve, and they’ll reward you with loyalty for years to come.


2. Time is Money

Running a quality customer service branch of any one company can represent one of the highest expenditures that business makes.

It, too, is also where money can be wasted through completing tedious tasks, making your CS reps work longer than they’d like to, and compensating them for it. Try automating certain tasks, i.e. generating an “auto-response” to let a customer know their query was received, and consolidate all requests under one platform. Or, if it’s more feasible, consider using a customer service agency like SheHelps to do your B2C relations for you.


3. Get Personal

Customers who believe that they’re being treated as individuals, as opposed to just as a large cohort of people, are far more likely to do business again with that company.

While this doesn’t mean checking in on them to see how they’re weekend was, it’s wise to have your CS agents send Birthday Wishes or recognize other milestones. This not only helps foster customer loyalty but boost brand recognition, as well.


4. Everyone Loves Rewards

Have customers that frequently do business with you? Do they also go above-and-beyond the norm, recommending their friends and family to buy your goods or services? Reward these people for their loyalty.

Customers who feel that they’re recognized by a company they do business with are far more likely to continue spending with that brand. Consider tasking your customer service agents to reward these customers with, say, exclusive deals or offers.


5. Be Punctual

The ability to respond to your customers in a timely, efficient manner is of the utmost importance.

If an inquiring consumer doesn't get a response back within a day—or in the case of social media, within a few hours—they will think less of the company, as a whole. Making sure your customer service reps are on top of their response rates is imperative.


6. Outsource, if you need to

There’s no need to burden your startup or small businesses with even more headwork if there’s no need to.

Especially if you don’t think your business is able to offer quality customer support because of staffing or overhead shortages, opt to outsource your customer service to an agency. This move will help you keep your company’s head above water, all while making sure your B2C relationships remain in good standing.


7. Don’t Become a Robot

People hate robotic call or service centers—that’s just a fact.

Your customer service branch should always try to remain as “human” as possible. Granted, there may need to be some AI (Artificial Intelligence) involved help with organizing queries, but a real-life, breathing human-being should always be on the receiving end. But, to avoid tedious responses, think about creating a “Frequently Asked” page or subsection to address common concerns.


8. Hire Genuinely Good People

Allot of things can be trained or taught, but, generally speaking, charisma and empathy are inherent.

When staffing your customer service branch, choose to hire people who are not only good communications but exude a sense of “goodness.” These people, more than often, will be able to put themselves in the shoes of others, including customers. Having a CS staff filled with genuinely good people will ensure that your company’s reputation and B2C relationships continue flourishing.


9. Treat Your Customer Service Reps Like You’d Want to be Treated

It should go without saying that any company should treat their employees, especially their customer service workers like they’d like to be—but it’s worth a reminder.

Making sure your customer service agents are not overworked, compensated fairly, and given the resources and tools they need to do their job efficiently is vital to your business's success. That, and this will help you avoid rampant burnout and high rates of turnover, both of which commonplace in all customer service fields. Keep your customer service workers happy, and you’ll, as a result, have a better company.


10. Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Your customer service agent should feel like they have to be the alpha and omega, knowing every little detail of the company.

It’s critical you create a company culture that elicits asking questions. This allows everyone, including your customer service reps, to make sure they’re offering factual feedback, be it to a customer or fellow employee. This, alone, can save you copious PR headaches later down the road.


Here’s How SheHelps Can Turn Those Lessons into Actions

If it isn’t abundantly clear by now, quality help centers—who heed lessons like these—play a crucial role in both sustaining and increasing customer satisfaction, all while helping you avoid future miss steps. At SheHelps, we’ve created a complete customer help center service that can be used, no matter where you are in the world.

SheHelp's services offer a host of B2C support benefits that can help any business improve on their customer satisfaction ratings. Our agents and managers are given ample time, in some cases as long as two weeks, to fully understand your product or service so that they can hone in how to conduct their roles more effectively.

Given how our case studies show we can better businesses customer satisfaction across the board, we invite you to drop us a line to see how we help leave your customer base grinning from ear to ear.

Want to learn more about our services and products, as well as how each can play a role in growing your business? Feel free to get in contact with us, today!

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