15 Tips to Deliver Authentic Customer Support

Authenticity is crucial, be it in one’s personal life or as it pertains their professional doings. And, regarding customer service, cultivating authenticity could be the difference between successful B2C relationship and ones that, frankly, fall through.

But, as you’d expect, crafting and actualizing authenticity is a bit of a gray area; there are things you should (and shouldn't) do in order to convey it to your customers. Thankfully, we’ve got some pointers on just how to do so.

Here are fifteen tips on how to deliver qualitative, authentic customer support.


1. Start By Listening

Before you can even think about responding to a customer request or concerns, you need to hear them out. Open yourself up to their inputs, allow them to finish their thoughts completely. Then, and only then, should you start formulating how you can help


2. Be Honest

The one thing that will immediately discredit your authenticity in any business or personal doing is lying. If you’re not sure of a certain factor if you abide by a certain request, just say so, or find out. Don’t lie, even if it’s a white lie.


3. Respond Punctuality

Another important aspect of delivering authentic customer support is mastering the art of punctuality. Responding timely and thoroughly to consumer requests and concerns not only shows that you really do care, but you’ve made it a priority. Try to get back to any customer support request within a day.


4. Deliver Clear, Concise Responses

Opting for excellence, regardless of the format or occasion, boosts your sense of authentically. When offering help to customers, deliver clear and concise feedback or answers that show you are, in fact, good at what you do. Consider avoiding passive-aggressive language or anything that can be misconstrued as rude, as well.


5. Meet People at Their Level

No customer support agent or rep should ever—ever—speakdown or belittle a customer. It’s their job to meet people exactly where they are, communicating with them as best they can. The ability to do this, in and of itself, is a hallmark of authenticity.


6. Stay Positive

Now’s not the time to be a Negative Nancy. Choosing to stay positive, no matter the situation, not only boosts the general mood of the conversation but your level of authenticity, as well.


7. Give Credit Where it’s Due

If a customer highlights a problem with a product or service, and had the courtesy to let your company in on the issue, reward such behavior. This not only shows you appreciate their feedback but recognize that everyone is capable of making mistakes—which is a hallmark of authenticity.


8. Take Your Time

It’s hard to create engaging, worthwhile responses at lightning speeds. Never sacrifice time for quality; always strive for quality over quantity.


9. Close Conversations

After a request, question, or concern is properly addressed, make sure to close the conversation. This can be as simple as saying “Thanks for reaching out, let us know if you have any other problems” or “Have a great day!”. Doing so will create a sense of closure around the interaction, which will boast well for your company’s authenticity.


10. Embrace Automation...to Some Degree

Using automation is a great tool to help organize and inbox requests, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Also, using auto-generated responses to let the sender know you received their message is another way to ensure you’re coming across as authentic.


11. Give Thanks

Regardless of if it’s in an email, phone exchange, or in a face-to-face interaction, practicing gratitude is essential to instilling a sense of authenticity. Try to say “Thank you!” or something along the lines during each and every customer support interaction with a consumer.


12. Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

Having an authentic customer support rests on the assumption that everyone’s the same page. Consider having a weekly meeting or email exchanges to make sure everyone on the customer support team is on the same page.


13. Work as One

Aside from being on the same page, it’s key that any customer support teamwork as one, everyone equally responsible for mistakes and praise. This working in unison creates a level of consistency within your customer support team, and, as we know, consistency plays a huge role in coming across as authentic.


14. Hire Only the Best

Things like empathy, charisma, and authenticity, for the most part, come naturally. And while they can be taught, those who have a general inclination toward them will always outperform those who, frankly, don’t. Consider, during the hiring process, implementing certain tasks and questions that help bring to light someone’s authenticity—or lack thereof.


15. Keep Your Standards High

Authenticity and lackluster performance goals don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand. Always opt to keep your customer support standards high, even if that means investing in more staff or slowing down the response process to focus on quality.


Here’s Where She Helps Can Help

If it isn’t abundantly clear by now, creating an authentic customer support center plays a crucial role in both sustaining and increasing customer satisfaction, all while helping you avoid future miss steps. At SheHelps, we’ve created a complete customer help center service that can be used, no matter where you are in the world.

SheHelp's services offer a host of B2C support benefits that can help any business improve on their customer satisfaction ratings. Our agents and managers are given ample time, in some cases as long as two weeks, to fully understand your product or service so that they can hone in how to conduct their roles more effectively. Given that our case studies show how we can better customer satisfaction across the board, it’d be wise to drop us a line to see how we help leave your customer base grinning from ear to ear.

Want to learn more about our services and products, as well as how each can play a role in growing your business? Feel free to get in contact with us, today!

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  1. March 16, 2019, 2:16 am

    I like your tip about being consistent. That would definitely let your customers know that you offer high quality. I’ll have to consider your tips so that I b better at customer service.

  2. February 01, 2020, 11:13 am

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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